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Capital: Kyiv (Kiev)*


Area: 603 700 km2 (water - 7%), (5,7% of the area of Europe or 0,44% of the world area)

Time zone: GMT+2 (UTC+2), Summer (DST) - EEST (UTC+3) (the watches are set one hour forward in the last week of March and one hour backward in the last week of October)

Location: Central-Eastern Europe, part of the East-European plain, between 44''20' and 52''20' N and 22''5' and 41''15'E

Climate: moderately continental, except for Southern Crimea, where the climate is subtropical, of the Mediterranean type. The Carpathian climate is also mild, with warm winter and rainy summer

Population: 47 732 079 (25th in the world, population density – 80 p/km2)

Average winter temperature is from -8° to -12° C (from +17.6° F to +3° F). In the Southern regions average winter temperature is 0° C (+32° F)

Currency: hryvnia (letter code UAH, digital code 980)

Average summer temperature is from +18° to +25° C (from +64.4° F to +77° F), although maximum temperature can be more than +35° C (+95° F)

Official language: Ukrainian (however Russian is widely spoken especially in southern and eastern Ukraine)

Best time to visit Ukraine: summer, late spring and early autumn




Independence: August, 24, 1991

Electricity: the standard electric voltage in Ukraine is 220 volts

Government: semi-presidential unitary state

Mobile standard: GSM 900/1800, CDMA, UMTS

International phone code: +380

Internet top-level domain: .ua


Holidays in Ukraine 


New Year’s Day - January 1

Victory Day - May 9

Christmas Day - January 7

Triytsia (Pentecost) – May 27

Women’s Day - March 8

Constitution Day - June 28

Velykden’ (Easter) – April 8

Independence Day - August 24

Labor Day - May 1 and 2

Defender Ukraine Day – October 14


*Except Easter and Triytsia, which mobility is linked to the religious tradition, all the above holidays are celebrated on a fixed day. Christmas Day and Velykden’ (Easter) are celebrated in accord to the Orthodox Old Calendar.


*New Year’s Day is one of the most popular holidays in modern Ukraine. In addition to the traditional celebrations the Old New Year’s Day, a folk symbol of tradition and originality, is marked on January 14.


*If a holiday falls on a weekend, there will be a day off on the following Monday.


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